Port City Robotics Youth Protection:

Instilling a culture of safety is a value embraced by Port City Robotics.  As such, we have adopted provisions of the FIRST Youth Protection Program.



To provide information, guidelines and procedures to minimize risk exposure to team members.


A. Build Space Safety (Adults & Students):

All students and new mentors receive orientation/instruction on the proper use of tools used in the build space (before the start of the build season).

General safety etiquette and proper tool use
Evacuation routes/meeting spot outside
Location of emergency devices (fire extinguisher, AED, etc)
Location of general safety equipment(safety glasses, gloves, etc).
First aid kit and contents
Battery spill procedures and kit

B. Coach/Lead Mentor Screening:

Youth Protection Screening (through FIRST) every 36 months. The screening process involves:

Watching FIRST Youth Protection Training Videos.
Reading and agreeing to abide by the FIRST Code of Conduct and Fundamental Safety Guidelines.
Criminal background check through FIRST.
Knowledgeable with the provisions of the FIRST Youth Protection Plan (YPP).

C. Student Behavioral Agreement Contract (age appropriate)

Discusses student expectations at the build space, events and during travel. This agreement must be signed by student and/or parent prior to start of the season.

D. Adult Code of Conduct:

Made available to all coaches, mentors, volunteers and parents before the start of the season.
(see resources below).

E. Youth Training Videos (through FIRST):

Made available to all parents and volunteers.

F. Guidelines for Parents:

FIRST has created Guidelines for Parents. Links to these guidelines as well as the Code of Conduct are to be made available to parents at the beginning of each season.
(see FIRST Youth Protection Guideline link below under resources)

G. Last Minute Volunteers:

There are instances when the team will solicit last minute volunteers based upon need. Because these volunteers may not have undergone formal instruction or screening, they will be assigned roles (by the team coach) to work with a screened volunteer and not to work alone with students.

H. Reporting Concerns:

See the policy for reporting concern in the resources below.

I. Mentor Assistants (under the age of 18 years):

In order to minimize safety risks to every team participant under the age of 18 years, teams having Mentor Assistants under the age of 18 years, are still required to have two adult Lead Coaches/Mentors 18 years or older.

J. Reporting Concerns:

Code Violations:

Any adult concerned of a possible a violation of the Adult Code of Conduct is required to immediately consult Lead Coach/Mentor (if a team Lead Coach/Mentor is not involved), team administrator, PCR board president or the FIRST Youth Protection Department (see resources below).

Child Abuse Defined:

According to FIRST policies, a “child” is defined as any person under the age of 18 years, and an “adult” as anyone 18 years or older. Considering that child abuse is often committed by someone the child is related to or knows and trusts, adults with direct supervision of PCR teams (Coach, Mentors, Overnight

Reporting Requirements:

Any adult working with a PCR team who believes that a child may be a victim of, or at risk of, child abuse (emotional, physical, or sexual) from any source is required to immediately report their concerns directly to the police (i.e. 911). The individual reporting the possibility of abuse should not attempt to conduct an investigation or confront the suspected offender. If a team Coach/Mentor, PCR Board member or team representative become informed of possible child abuse, they are required to contact the police promptly.



FIRST Youth Protection Program Link
This site gives resources defining many of the elements above as well as reviewing the Guidelines for Parents, Adult Code of Conduct and a safety video.


Note regarding COVID:

The Wired Wizards follow COVID policies set by CFCC when at the CFCC campus build space, and policies set by FIRST during competitions.
The younger teams will follow FIRST policies when at competition.