Compensation:  Port City Robotics (PCR) is an all-volunteer organization.  There are no paid staff or board members for PCR, the Wired Wizards and Mechanical Mages


Governance Policies

Compensation Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Records Retention Policy

Ethics and Whistleblower Policy

Donor Policy


Transparency Metrics:  The PCR board embraces a philosophy of ethical stewardship and transparency of governance through the regular monitoring and reporting of the following metrics:


Independent voting board members: Yes.

No material diversion of assets: Yes.  There are no material diversions of assets.

Does not provide loans(s) to or receive loans from related parties: Yes.  We do not provide or receive loans from any party.

Documents board meeting minutes: Yes.  Board minutes are held by the board in perpetuity.

Conflict of interest policy: Yes.

Records retention and destruction policy: Yes.

Whistleblower policy: Yes.

CEO listed with salary: None.

Process for determining CEO compensation: Not Applicable

Board listed/board members not compensated: Yes.  This is an all-volunteer organization.

Donor policy on website: Yes.

Board members listed on website: Yes.

Financials on website: Yes.

Form 990 on website: Yes.

Key staff listed on website: Yes.