FIRST Team Support

Are you considering starting a team in your area?  Let us help! We have a team of experienced FIRST mentors and coaches that will guide you through the entire process, ensure that your team is well supported throughout the season, and guide you through to competitions! Our goal is to ensure you have an exciting first year and are able to build the sustainable infrastructure you need to return year after year.

What does it cost?

Our services will cost you nothing! Port City Robotics is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, supported by local and like-minded companies and individuals with share our passion for igniting the imaginations and fostering excitement in the next generation.

The cost for starting and operating a FIRST team varies between programs. Depending on how you would like to handle the cost, most teams fund their activities through some combination of dues, community fundraising, sponsorships, and grants. First year teams also have the support of FIRST, FIRST North Carolina, and several well known organizations such as NASA who offer registration grants to select rookie FRC teams.

What do we offer?

  • Consultation
    • We will answer any questions you may have about the FIRST system and discuss strategies to overcome any challenges you may be experiencing.
  • Technical Support
    • We have experience with the hardware and software used throughout the FIRST experience from Lego Mindstorms, to App Inventor, to National Instruments’ LabView. Our mentors are active and retired industry professionals with extensive backgrounds in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering.
  • Digital Services
    • Logo Creation
    • Flyers, Business Cards, and Banner creation
    • Shirts/Uniform design and creation
    • 2D/3D CAD design
  • Administrative Services
    • We can help you with managing and coordinating your team by providing tools and resources for team registration/recruitment, activity permission forms, release forms, student behavioral agreements, and more.
    • Help with banking and accounting